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Amitiza (Lubiprostone) and/or alternatives

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    Lubiprostone 24mcg

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    Lubiprostone 8mcg

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General Information On Amitiza

Amitiza is a medicine which helps to keep chronic constipation (especially idiopathic constipation) in control. It is also useful in treating irritable bowel dysfunction caused due to constipation or as a side effect of opioid. This medicine works as an activator for chloride channel. It enables your intestines to produce the required amount of fluids that are necessary for easy intestinal muscle movement and bowel movements.

Side Effects/Precautions for Amitiza

The chemical name for this medicine is Lubiprostone and its ingredients are: Lubiprostone, gelatin, sorbitol, Yellow D and C (Number 10), purified water, Red FD and C (Number 40) and triglycerides of medium -chain category. Nausea and diarrhea are the two major side effects of generic Amitizia. Other common side effects of this medicine include headache, stomach pain, anxiety, cold and cough and pain in the joints. Some patients might also get swelling in the hands or feet as a side effect of this medicine. The Amitiza drug should be taken strictly as per the prescription as an overdose can cause breathing problems, severe diarrhea, hot flashes, and lightheadedness. Many patients may also lose consciousness due to an overdose.

Those who are already suffering from severe diarrhea or gastrointestinal tract blockage should avoid taking this medicine. The Amitiza drug is also not good for pregnant women. Generic Amitizia falls under category C and can have fatal repercussions on the fetus. If you get pregnant while you are on this drug; immediately discontinue the drug and consult your doctor.

Amitiza Dosage

For the treatment and management of chronic idiopathic constipation, 24 mcg of Amitiza is administered orally, two times a day. For the treatment and management of irritable bowel syndrome 8 mcg of the drug is administered orally, two times a day. The drug can be taken with food as well as water. Your physician should assess you on a regular basis, to determine if Amitiza treatment needs to be continued further or not. Also, based on your response to the treatment, your physician may adjust the doses (either increase or decrease the doses) of the drug.

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