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Nova T 380 IUD (Copper IUD) and/or alternatives

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General Information On Nova T 380

Nova T 380 is a copper IUD (intrauterine device), which is used as a form of birth control. Copper IUDs work by slowly releasing minute amounts of copper into the uterus over a period of time. Nova T 380 IUD must be replaced every 5 years. The surface area of copper in the IUD is 380 square millimeters. The device itself is made of polyethylene, with a silver core surrounded by copper wire windings. The T-shaped polyethylene body is infused with barium sulphate. The removal threads are tinted with iron oxide and are part of the IUD’s vertical arm that forms the T.

Side Effects for Nova T 380

The most common side effects of Nova T 380 include increased menstrual bleeding and spotting. Inform your doctor if these side effects increase in intensity or persist for a long period of time. Other side effects include lower abdominal pain or back pain, dysmenorrhoea, and anemia. Another side effect of the Nova T 380 is the risk of developing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). Allergic skin reactions may occur in a few patients as Nova T 380 or parts of the IUD may penetrate or perforate the uterine wall.


Before you buy Nova T 380, inform your doctor if you have extreme menstrual bleeding, anemia or dysmenorrhea. Tell your doctor in advance if you are taking anticoagulants. Applying Nova T 380 as an IUD may not be advised by the doctor if you have any of the above conditions.

Inform your doctor in advance if you have congenital or valvular heart disease. The insertion of Nova T 380 may be done cautiously if you have these medical conditions. Antibiotic prophylaxis is recommended to be prescribed before the insertion and removal of Nova T 380 under these medical conditions.

Young women who have never been pregnant may not be advised to insert the Nova T 380. Your body may expel the IUD and it may cause excessive bleeding and pain. You may also be more susceptible to an ectopic pregnancy or infections.

Run a pregnancy test before inserting Nova T 380 to check if you are pregnant. The body may expel the IUD for certain reasons without the patient noticing it. In most cases, it would be characterized by pain and bleeding.

Nova T 380 Dosage

You may buy Nova T 380 as a single IUD which is effective for a period of five years. Nova T 380 is sterilized by irradiation and supplied in a pouch. Do not use the Nova T 380 device if the supplied pouch is open or has been damaged. Do not re-sterilize the IUD. Each unit of Nova T 380 comes with an expiry date. The IUD must be inserted by a and qualified healthcare professional.


Inform your doctor about any medications that you are taking before you buy Nova T 380. Do not stop any medication for the insertion of Nova T 380, unless specified by the doctor.

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