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Novolog Flexpen (Insulin Aspart) and/or alternatives

Novolog Insulin Flexpen is not available. Novolog Insulin Flexpen is a brand name for Insulin Aspart. Other brands of Insulin Aspart are available below.

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    Novolog Flexpen 100UI/ml

    Marketed as Novorapid Flexpen in Turkey

    Manufactured by: Novo Nordisk

    Product of Turkey. Shipped from Turkey

    RxPrescription Required
    Currently unavailable
    * We ship all insulin with ice packs as per the manufacturers guidelines. The medicine will remain cool for the majority of the shipping time however the last few days the product will likely reach room temperature. Once you receive the insulin, immediately restore it to the fridge and use prior to the expiration date. Insulin may remain outside of the fridge for up to 30 days. This product does not include needles.
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General Information On Novolog Insulin Flexpen

Novolog Insulin Flexpen is a prefilled insulin pen that contains man-made insulin that works to lower blood glucose. The generic name of Novolog is Insulin Aspart. Insulin Aspart is a rapid acting form of insulin. The prefilled insulin pen is an innovative delivery system that allows the patient to adjust the insulin dose in increments.

The Novolog Insulin Flexpen contains around 300 units of insulin. You can inject 1-60 units of insulin from the prefilled insulin pen at a time. Novolog is specifically prescribed to treat Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes/diabetes mellitus in adults and children above 2 years of age. Novolog is generally given with long-acting insulin. You should buy Novolog Insulin Flexpen only after consulting your doctor. Follow the dosage instructions strictly.

Side Effects for Novolog Insulin Flexpen

Some people may experience side-effects such as rashes, fast heart rate, wheezing, breathing problems, dizziness, and sweating after taking the recommended dosage of Novolog Insulin Flexpen. You need to immediately get medical help if you notice or experience any side effects after taking the prescribed dosage.

Some people may also experience serious side effects such as swelling of the feet or hands, extreme thirst, muscle weakness, discomfort in the legs, increased urination, and a limp feeling. You should buy Novolog Insulin Flexpen only as per the recommendation of your doctor and follow the dosage instructions strictly to prevent any unwanted side effects.


You should not use Novolog Insulin Flexpen if you are having an episode of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) or if you are allergic to insulin. You should inform your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease. Your blood sugar level is dependent on various factors such as diet, exercise, medication and lifestyle. Novolog is only one part of a program for treating diabetes mellitus and it is necessary that you follow your medication, diet and exercise routines strictly.

Novolog is a rapid-acting insulin which is taken to control the sugar levels that rise after taking meals. Doctors generally recommend you to take Novolog Insulin Flexpen before or after meals. If you are taking a Novolog dose before meal time, then it is necessary that you start eating your meal within 15 minutes after taking the insulin dose. Your doctor will schedule appointments to check your progress, and it is necessary that you do not miss an appointment during the treatment

Novolog Insulin Flexpen Dosage

Novolog is a rapid-acting insulin which is different from regular human insulin. The total requirement of insulin differs with each individual and so, the dosage of Novolog Insulin Flexpen may vary from person to person. Generally, Novolog provides for 50 to 70% of the total insulin requirement, and the remaining requirement of insulin should be fulfilled by using long-acting or intermediate acting insulin.


Novolog Insulin Flexpen dosage can interact with other medications such as Clonidine, Guanethidine, Atenolol, Bisoprolol, Labetalol, Metoprolol, Nadolol and several other medications. Thus, it is necessary that you provide the list of medications you take to your doctor. You should tell your doctor about prescribed medicines, non-prescription pills (over the counter medication) and herbal medicines you take before he/she recommends a dose of Novolog insulin to lower your blood sugar.

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