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Aptivus (Tipranavir) and/or alternatives

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General Information on Aptivus

Aptivus is a prescription drug approved to treat AIDS and HIV. Doctors typically administer this drug in combination with Ritonavir, another HIV drug. Aptivus belongs to the class of drugs known as protease inhibitors. The drug works by stopping the HIV virus from spreading to uninfected body cells. It is available in both capsule and oral solution form. If you are HIV positive, the doctor may suggest that you buy Aptivus to treat the disease.

Side Effects for Aptivus

A few patients using Aptivus suffer from some side effects, most of which are mild and can be easily treated. Only about 2% of the patients using Aptivus experience serious side effects such as sudden headache, unexplained bleeding, problems with vision, difficulty while talking, nausea, stomach ache, drastic loss of appetite, fever, black stools or dark urine, and jaundice. If you suffer from any of these side effects, you must quickly seek medical attention.

The minor and more common side effects of Aptivus are mild stomach pain, tiredness or drowsiness, change in location or shape of body fat in the neck, breasts, and legs, constant thirst, and fever.


Using Aptivus can lead to some serious consequences if you don’t know the right way to use it. Before using the drug, you must discuss the risks, benefits, and precautionary measures with your doctor. You must avoid using a smaller or larger dosage of the drug or for a longer period than recommended by your doctor. You must also be sure that you take Ritonavir along with Aptivus unless your doctor recommends otherwise. While taking the capsule, you must avoid breaking or chewing the capsules; swallow it completely with food. Avoid taking the drug if you have any liver related diseases including liver failure, cirrhosis, and hepatitis. Don’t use Aptivus without your doctor’s consent if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, allergy to certain preservatives and foods, or if you are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Aptivus Dosage

Doctors prescribe different Aptivus doses for different patients depending on their age and the way they respond to the drug. For children, the recommended Aptivus dosage is decided based on their height and weight. Usually, doctors recommend a 500 mg dose to adults, combined with 200 mg of ritonavir twice a day. To gain maximum benefits from the drug, you must strictly adhere to the dosage recommended by the doctor. It is also advisable to take your Aptivus dose at fixed hours every day. If you skip any dose or if you suspect an overdose, consult your doctor immediately.


If you are using some other drugs along with Aptivus, the combination of these medicines may lead to drug interactions. This may reduce the effectiveness of the drugs and also increase the risk of adverse side effects. Clinical studies suggest that Aptivus may potentially with certain oral diabetes medicines, calcium channel blockers, antidepressants, and hormonal contraceptive drugs. In addition, Aptivus also interacts with certain herbal products and vitamin supplements. When you buy Aptivus, make sure that you provide your doctor a list of all the other medicines you are using. The doctor may review the list and suggest ways to use Aptivus safely.

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