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Durezol (Difluprednate) and/or alternatives

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    Durezol 0.05%

    Manufactured by: Alcon Laboratories Inc

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    Difluprednate 0.05%

    Generic Alternative of Durezol 0.05%

    Manufactured by: Ajanta

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General Information On Durezol

Durezol (generic name: Difluprednate)is a prescription drug used for treating inflammation in the eyes after an ocular surgery. Difluprednate is a corticosteroid, which works by curbing the production of prostaglandins, thus reducing pain, inflammation, and pain in the eyes. Durezol is available in the form of an eye drop, which needs to be directly inserted into the eyes. Sometimes, this medicine can also be prescribed to patients after a cataract surgery.

Side Effects for Durezol

The mild side effects of Durezol include burning, itching, and stinging in the affected eye. You may also feel like something is stuck in your eye or you may experience eye pain, redness, itching, or sensitivity to light. Watery eyes are another side effect of Durezol eye drops. Most of these side effects subside after a few minutes of inserting the drops, but if any of these persist or worsen, you should seek medical help immediately. Some serious but rare side effects of Durezol include severe headache, sudden vision changes, pain behind the eyes, sudden irritation in the eyes, tunnel vision, blurred vision, seeing halos around lights, or signs of a new infection like swelling, crusting, or draining of the eyes. If you have an allergy to the drug, you may develop hives, rashes, swelling of the face, throat, lips, or tongue, or difficulty breathing. Under such circumstances, you should stop using the drops immediately and contact your doctor at once.


You should not use Durezol if you have an allergy to difluprednate or if you are suffering from a fungal or viral infection of the eyes, any untreated infection of the eyes, or ocular herpes. Do not use Durezol eye drops if you are wearing contact lenses. First, remove the lenses, insert the eye drops, and after around 15 minutes, re-insert the lenses. This is because the preservatives in the eye drops may get absorbed by the contact lenses and result in discoloration of the lenses. While using Durezol, make sure that the tip of the dropper does not touch any other surface, including your hands or eyes. A contaminated dropper can cause another infection, which may result in serious damage to the eyes and even vision loss. As the drug may cause blurred vision, you should not drive a vehicle or perform any such activity that needs clear vision.

Durezol Dosage

Durezol treatment starts around 24 hours after an eye surgery. You will be advised to insert one drop in the affected eye 4 times a day for around 2 weeks. After that, your doctor may ask you to insert the eye drops only twice a day for one week.


Your doctor will not recommend you to buy Durezol if you are already using an ophthalmic solution for your eyes as the ingredients used in the two medicines may interact with each other and worsen your condition. Apart from that, inform your doctor about all the medicinal products you are using at present, especially eye drops, ointments, and oral medicines for treating inflammation of the eyes.

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