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Isentress (Raltegravir Potassium) and/or alternatives

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General Information On Isentress

Isentress, or Raltegravir (generic name), is an antiretroviral drug used in the treatment of HIV infection in adult patients. Raltegravir belongs to a group of drugs called Integrase Inhibitors. This class of drugs prevents the HIV virus from multiplying and spreading in the body. Isentress must be used in combination with other anti-HIV medicines to increase the efficacy of treatment. This drug is mainly used in patients who are resistant to other HIV therapies, or when other antiretroviral medicines fail to provide any significant relief.

Isentress boosts the immune system and lowers the risk of acquiring serious infections such as LRTI or developing cancer. The drug can prevent certain complications associated with HIV. However, it is not a cure for HIV or AIDS. HIV patients must take other medications, as well as STD preventive measures, while using Isentress.

Side Effects for Isentress

First-time users or patients with advanced HIV infection can experience mild to moderate side effects while taking Isentress. These side effects include skin problems, vision problems, headache, cough, or breathing problems. Severe or life threatening allergic reaction to this medicine is a rare occurrence. However, if you feel even the slightest discomfort like dizziness, itching, difficulty breathing, and skin rashes, you must immediately contact your doctor. Some other rare but possible side effects of Raltegravir include extreme tiredness, muscle weakness, dark urine, persistent and severe abdominal discomfort, and flu-like symptoms. While most people may be able to take Isentress very well, the occurrence of any side effect or symptom in a patient should be promptly conveyed to the health practitioner.


Like most other oral medications, Isentress also contains some inactive ingredients that may trigger an allergic reaction. Before you buy Isentress, inform your doctor about all the allergies that you might have. Do not alter the dosage of Raltegravir without consulting your doctor. Altering Raltegravir dosage on your own can result in serious health problems. The medication is not approved for HIV-positive children. Use of Isentress during pregnancy is advisable only if the benefits outweigh the risks. It is not known whether Raltegravir passes into breast milk. To prevent transmission of the HIV virus, it is recommended that HIV-positive mothers do not breast-feed.

Isentress Dosage

The starting dosage recommended for treating HIV and AIDS in adults is Isentress 400 mg, which is to be taken twice a day. Isentress is available in tablet form and can be taken with or without food. For people taking Rifadin, the recommended dosage is Isentress 800 mg, which is to be taken twice a day. To get the best results, constant plasma levels need to be maintained. Missing doses in between or abrupt cessation of the therapy can create resistance against the HIV drug, making the treatment more difficult and complex. Take the medicine exactly as prescribed and preferably at the same time every day.

Isentress Interactions

Isentress is known to interact with many other drugs. Some of these medications include Atazanavir, Phenytoin, and Phenobarbital. While Raltegravir is indicated for use with other anti-HIV medications, consult your doctor before taking any other medications, including anti-HIV drugs other than Isentress. To prevent any unwanted interactions, your doctor may decide to alter the dosage of Raltegravir or other medications that you are taking.

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