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Lescol XL (Fluvastatin Sodium XL) and/or alternatives

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    Lescol XL 80mg

    Manufactured by: Novartis

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    Fluvastatin Sodium XL 80mg

    Generic Alternative of Lescol XL 80mg

    Manufactured by: A UK MHRA approved Generic Manufacturer

    Product of United Kingdom. Shipped from United Kingdom

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General Information On Lescol XL

Lescol XL is used for the treatment of high cholesterol. Regular use of this medicine helps in reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerides and increasing levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in the blood. LDL is commonly referred to as “bad” cholesterol, while HDL is deemed to be “good” cholesterol. The higher your level of LDL (“bad” cholesterol), the greater are your chances of developing a cardiovascular disease. As Lescol XL reduces the levels of LDL, it is effective in reducing an individual’s risk to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks.

Lescol XL is usually a part of a comprehensive cholesterol management program, which is likely to include weight reduction/management, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and quitting smoking. This drug belongs to a category of drugs called statins or HMG CoA reductase inhibhitors.

Side Effects for Lescol XL

Fluvastatin (generic name of this drug) may cause certain unwanted side effects. Some patients who use Lescol XL may experience the following less serious side effects: mild headache, diarrhea, muscle pain, insomnia, mild to moderate nausea, stomach pain, or symptoms of cold (runny nose, sore throat, or sneezing). In most cases, the aforementioned symptoms last only for a few days. Continue to take Lescol XL as directed by your doctor even if you experience some of the above-mentioned side effects. However, in case a side effect worsens or persists, consult your doctor immediately.

In some cases, Lescol XL may cause serious side effects such as weakness, unexplained muscle pain, fever, sudden and unexplained weight gain, and pain or burning sensation while urinating. In the advent of any of the above symptoms, immediately stop the treatment and call your doctor.

In rare cases, Lescol XL may lead to serious liver problems. If you notice early signs of liver damage such as loss of appetite, yellowing of the eyes and skin, low fever, dark-colored urine, or black/tarry stools, then seek emergency medical help.

A serious allergic reaction to Lescol XL is highly unlikely. However, in case it happens, you must seek immediate medical help. Common symptoms associated with an allergic reactions are: wheezing, difficulty breathing, itching, hives, and swelling of the eyes, throat, face, or other body parts.

This drug may also cause other side effects. To know the complete list of side effects, read the patient information leaflet you receive when you buy Lescol XL.


Certain pre-existing conditions may make Lescol XL treatment unsafe, or your doctor may ask you to undergo special tests. This is why it is critical that you discuss your medical history with your doctor before you start using Lescol XL.

This medicine is contraindicated in pregnancy as it can harm a fetus, so do not use Fluvastatin if you are pregnant. Women who are breastfeeding should also not use Lescol XL, as it can harm a nursing infant.

Lescol XL Dosage

Depending on your age, the medical condition for which you are being treated, current cholesterol levels, your cholesterol goal, and other medicines that you are using, your doctor will prescribe the correct dose for you. The recommended dose for a patient who wants to reduce his/her cholesterol by 25% is Lescol XL 80mg per day.


Certain drugs may reduce the efficacy of Lescol XL, trigger some of its side effects, or cause serious complications when taken simultaneously with the drug. This is why it is necessary that you inform your doctor about all the medicines you are currently taking before you buy Lescol XL.

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