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Periostat (Doxycycline Hyclate) and/or alternatives

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    Periostat 20mg

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    Doxycycline Hyclate 20mg

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General Information on Periostat

Patients suffering from gum disease are asked to buy Periostat. This drug is an antibiotic medicine used to treat periodontitis, a type of gum disease that arises from the accumulation of plaque. The antibiotic Doxycycline forms the chemical makeup of Periostat tablets. It is a Tetracycline antibiotic that fights bacteria within the body. Apart from periodontitis, Periostat may also be recommended for rosacea induced lesions, blemishes, and bumps. However, since it is a prescription drug, it should be used as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Side Effects of Periostat

The side effects of any medicine are different in people, but there are some common side effects that are visible in most Periostat patients. Headaches, a tendency to get common cold, and flu-like indications are the visible side effects of Periostat in at least one in ten users. Other side effects may include indigestion, diarrhea, sinus inflammation, rashes, toothache, pain in the joints, thrush infection, periodontal abscess, constipation, dry mouth, dizziness and general weakness. Some patients may not have any side effects at all, though most suffer from at least one side effect while using this medicine.


Let your doctor know all about your medical history, especially if you are prone to allergies. Allergies of any sort interfere with the doxycycline used to manufacture Periostat. Those suffering from kidney problems, liver disorders, and those prone to heartburn should have regulated doses of this medicine since these problems are aggravated with the use of Periostat.

Since Doxycycline makes a patient more prone to sunburn, those who have been recommended to buy Periostat should avoid sunlight as much as possible. While going out, they must use plenty of sunscreen and cover themselves with protective clothing. Prolonged use of Periostat can cause infection in the mouth, bladder, or vagina. Though these are rare symptoms, they are not totally unheard of.

Children up to the age of eight years should not be given Periostat since it can cause teeth problems as opposed to curing gum disease. Even in older children, caution must be observed. Since Periostat can also be present in the breast milk of a woman who takes this drug, the traces may be passed on from the mother to the child, and thus, breastfeeding women should not use Periostat.

Dosage of Periostat

Periostat is only recommended in controlled doses. Scaling and root planning procedures may be followed by a nine-month course of Periostat 20mg. Periostat 20mg is to be had twice a day at 12 hour intervals, preferably an hour or two before meals. According to the doctors’ suggestions, Periostat should be washed down with a lot of fluids to avoid irritating the esophagus and prevent ulcer formation.

Periostat Interactions

Before you buy Periostat, let your doctor know if you are taking medication for cholesterol such as cholestyramine (Prevalite, Questran), isotretinoin (Accutane) , colestipol (Colestid) or tretinoin (Renova, Retin-A, Vesanoid). Those taking antacids or on bismuth subsalicylate containing drugs should also let their doctors know about the same. Other drugs that interact with Periostat include iron medicines, calcium supplements, magnesium supplements, vitamin compounds, blood thinners like Warfarin, and antibiotics such as penicillin and Oxacillin.

There are a few other rare drugs that interfere with Periostat usage. This is why it should never be used without consulting a doctor.

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