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Our Guarantees

All medication orders which are placed with Pharmacy Rx World are completely covered by our company's guarantees, which are outlined below.

Price Match Guarantee

Pharmacy Rx World is committed to providing its customers with the lowest prices in the online prescription service industry.

If you find a price which is lower than our listed medication price, we guarantee that we will match the lower price once it has been verified by our company. You can rest assured knowing that you will always receive the lowest price when ordering from our company. Our low price guarantee was introduced to ensure that you will always receive maximum savings when ordering from Pharmacy Rx World.

Shipping Guarantee

We unconditionally guarantee that your order will be successfully delivered to your door step within 30 business days of your order being shipped. If for whichever reason your order does not reach you within the guaranteed delivery period, we will offer a free re-shipment of your medications provided that you notify us within 90 days of placing the order. Please be aware that the average delivery time is 2 weeks but we do not guarantee that your order will arrive within this average shipping time period. This shipping guarantee is only valid for certain countries. Please ask us for more information. The average shipping time is a realistic indication as to when you can expect to receive your package. Please note that packages may be delayed from time to time due to variables which are out of our control. If you experience any delays receiving your order, please contact us at toll free 1-866-401-3784 and we will be glad to assist you and will arrange for a refund or free re-shipment if the guaranteed shipment period has past.

This shipping guarantee is valid for up to 90 days from the date the order was placed.

For more details, please see our shipping policy.

Security & Privacy Guarantee

Pharmacy Rx World takes all reasonable security measures to protect all of your personal information from potential loss, unauthorized access, misuse, destruction, disclosure or modification. As far as permissible under law, Pharmacy Rx World does not accept any responsibility and/or liability for the unauthorized access of personal information held by Pharmacy Rx World on its servers. We will not sell your email address to any third parties, as per our privacy policy.